Saturday, January 1, 2011


Review - Choccreate

If your looking to give a "different" type of a gift, something a bit different and fun are the custom made chocolate bars from Choccreate. Anyone who loves chocolate will love the opportunity to make and create their own chocolate bar. Or give a chocolate gift certificate when gift giving- they'll have fun creating their own chocolate masterpiece!

Gerry and I had fun on their site, creating a chocolate bar to our liking.It arrived exactly as we wanted and very nicely wrapped if we would have been giving it as a gift.

You get to choose your chocolate: milk, white, or dark, and then start creating your chocolate masterpiece. You can select from 90+ ingredients, with an almost unlimited amount of combinations, from nuts & dried fruit to herbs & spices, and decorations to suite the occasion.

This is chocolate your way! Or you can choose their Chocolate Surprise, where they choose for you. If you love the good with the bad, you can try their healthy versions of their chocolate bars- chocolate chock full of all that's good!

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