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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 Posted by One 2 Try
I never met a chocolate I did not like (so far anyway). I dream about chocolate and the flavors I would love to see in a chocolate. With the help of Choccreate, I was able to bring those flavor dreams to life.

Choccreate lets you make Your Chocolate Your Way. Starting with your favorite chocolate - milk, white or dark, you then select from a nice variety of ingredients to create your special flavor combination. The combinations are only limited to your imagination.

A few of the best seller combinations are:

Dark Chocolate with Oats, Cranberries and Walnuts

Milk Chocolate with Rice Crispies, m&m's and Marshmallows

Milk Chocolate with pretzels and cheez-its

Milk Chocolate with blueberries. craisins and pecans

Try Zora's favorite of Zora's Banana Split Chocolate: Spectacular Gourmet German White Chocolate merged with Cocoa Nibs, chopped dried strawberries, Blanched CA Almond Slivers, all mixed in and topped with Dried light crisp Banana Chips. YUM!

To really experience Choccreate for this review, I had the guilty pleasure of creating 3 scrumptious bars. First I am impressed with the lovely packaging my bars came in. Each bar was individually wrapped and placed in a see through pink and brown box tied with a fancy pink ribbon. A very nice touch for multiple bar orders. I had a lot of fun mixing flavors for my ideal taste sensation. My first bar - Dark Chocolate with dried figs, rice crispies and walnuts. The dark chocolate is pretty sweet in taste with blended nicely with the savory flavors I chose. I love the big generous size walnuts. I am very fond of white chocolate so I created one with corn flakes, craisins and mini marshmallows. This is really good. the creaminess of the white chocolate with the tartness of the craisins is a burst of taste. The cornflakes added a crunch and the mini marshmallows added an extra chew. I would make this bar again! My last bar is a bit of a flavor experiment. Milk chocolate with dried apricots, chili powder and real bacon bits. I was going for the sweet, salty and spicy tastes. You know what? It works! This is my favorite of all the bars!

Order directly online from Choccreate. With ingredients of fruits, nut and cereals, gourmet, extras and more, decorations, plus herbs and spices, if you can think it you can create it. Choccreate - Your Chocolate Your Way!

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