Saturday, January 1, 2011


Create Your Own Chocolate Bars!

Early last month I received a gift certificate to, which is a "make your own chocolate bar" website. The premise, as you have probably guessed already, is that they produce individually customized chocolate bars that YOU put together yourself. They do it with "love and care" and use the finest German Chocolate available. They have a passion for creating custom chocolate bars designed by you!

They also have a passion for aesthetic packaging because look what came in the mail after I placed my order:

They had me at the pink and brown stripes. Seriously - this is a gift box you would be super proud to present to anyone (anyone who appreciate the value of good chocolate in super cool packaging, that is).

The chocolate bars themselves:

You might be able to tell by the photo, but I got to put together four different combos for my stash. We've sampled both of the bottom bars so far (the one with bananas/peanuts and the one with M&Ms/marshmallows/rice krispies) and Y.U.M. These chocolate bars are good!

The website has several interesting options for you including choosing from their best sellers, creating your own, using the healthy choices selections, or letting Zora pick for you! (Don't tell Zora, but the Choc Mex pick just doesn't do it for me...but that's just me - might be perfect for you!)

And did I mention the awesome packaging? I'm thinking perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone you know!

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