Sunday, February 20, 2011


Choc Create

Your Chocolate Your Way

This chocolate tastes delicious and it’s fun and easy to create custom chocolate bars.

First, you choose the base – dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. And then you get to choose what else you would like in your chocolate. They have things that you would expect and lots of unique choices.

I chose dark chocolate for each of my bars and different types of ingredients for each of the bars.

The fruit bar I created is tasty and looks pretty. I think the kiwi are especially fun.
•Dried Kiwi
•Dried Apricots
•Sour Tart Cherries
•Yogurt Chips

The bacon bar might be my favorite. Yes, bacon and chocolate are quite tasty together. And I think the salt is a nice addition.
•Real Bacon Bits
•Coarse Sea Salt
•Raw Walnuts

My “coffee drink” blend is made up of things that I like in my coffee. The flavors all work well together and the candied mint leaves look pretty.
•Bourbon Vanilla
•Raw Hazelnuts
•Ground Espresso
•Cocoa Nibs
•Candied Mint Leaves

You may like my choices or you may like something totally different. They have best sellers and special selections available for purchase, but I really like the idea of creating something special and one of a kind!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ages ago, Bianca from ChocCreate contacted me with an offer to customize my own chocolate bar. My first reaction was that ChocCreate was another one of those clever chocolatiers who mold chocolate into fanciful shapes and market to brides-to-be and creative marketers. Usually those kinds of chocolates look fun but taste waxy and I am not a fan.

But ChocCreate is different. Their concept is to allow their customers to actually chose the ingredients of their chocolate bar and make a one-of-a-kind creation. They sent me a $25 gift certificate to concoct whatever chocolate I could dream up.

And my heart started beating faster. Because I was so smitten with the concept, I ended up making four chocolate bars and spending extra. And I had a blast.

You can make your bar with dark, milk or white chocolate and they purport to use only the finest German chocolate as their base. There are over 101 ingredients you can combine including every fruit and nut you can fathom plus a variety of cutesy decorations to add. But then there is the outrageous – 23karat gold power, mimosa flowers (which, by the way, were delish), cheddar gold fish and tortilla chips!

This is what I made …
#1 “All My Favs in One Place” = Dark chocolate with candied almonds, red Hawaiian sea salt, sour tart cherries and topped with a pair of candy lips. Mwah.
#2 “Back To Nature” = Dark chocolate with blueberries, kiwi, mimosa flowers, raw pistachios, whole flax seeds, cinnamon and a candy palm tree.
#3 “Roll of the Dice” = Milk chocolate with candied mint leaves, granulated honey, nutmeg, raspberries, teddy grahams, walnuts and topped with some dice-shaped candy.
#4 “Just Because I Can” = Milk chocolate with candied rose flowers, cheddar gold fish, gummi bears, pumpkin seeds & tortilla chips (I *know*. I am an 11-year-old boy).

They were all fun and I wasn’t disappointed when I received them. I have never enjoyed a chocolate review more. Because it was MY chocolate!

I preferred the quality of the dark chocolate over the milk and my favourite bar (hands down) was creation #1 – but that’s not surprising because I really did just put all my favourite chocolate pairings in one bar. Perfection.

While I won’t quit my day job and become a chocolatier anytime soon, they were all a hit except #4. Which, well, was not to be expected. How could I have not been curious to see such bizarre ingredients with chocolate? And it tasted as strange as it sounded. Especially the bites that included cheddar gold fish. Whoa. But that was my fault -not ChocCreate. However, I would caution, no matter how adventurous you are feeling, to skip the gummi bears as they are super stale. All the other ingredients, however, were of absolutely fabulous quality.

Each of my Sandra-ized chocolate bars cost between $7.95 and $11.40. Not bad for individualized, interesting chocolates that you get to control.

I have to admit, I am hooked. Ever since placing my first order I have been day-dreaming about other chocolatey combinations to try. I have a feeling that will live in my internet browser’s “favourites” for a long time to come!


I'd love to introduce you to Choccreate today! Choccreate is the ultimate chocolate bar creation site that specializes in creating your own chocolate bars with many unique toppings! Choccreate is the perfect place to shop at this Valentine's Day! Your loved ones will be in for a treat when they try this chocolate out!

It is very simple to make your own chocolate bar at Choccreate. You first get to choose which chocolate that you would like. You have 3 chocolate choices which are: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. The chocolate bars are all priced at $3.95 and then you can add toppings onto the chocolate for an additional price. You can choose toppings from cereals, nuts, herbs, spices, and many more toppings. You will also find Gummi Bears and M & M's which are each .75 cents extra to add them onto the chocolate for just one example.

Choccreate has some already customized chocolate that are some best sellers and favorites to choose from or you can create your own chocolate bars from all the selections their are to choose from! You must trust me that it is very hard to choose from the great selection of toppings their are. I had a really hard time to choose which toppings I wanted to add to my chocolate!

Choccreate has super fast shipping that is amazing. They package their chocolate very well in plastic wrapping and put the chocolate inside of a beautiful box that is ready for you to give as a gift. This box is a reusable box that you could use on another occasion. The presentation of the chocolate and box was top notch and amazing!

Choccreate let me choose 2 candy bars to try out! I let Paul pick out a chocolate bar that he'd like. He wanted to be somewhat healthy so he chose the dark chocolate with dried banana chips, granola, raw hazel nuts, and granulated honey. This candy bar was good. It was a crunchy chocolate bar with all the toppings that Paul picked. It was hard to taste the toppings because the dark chocolate seemed to over power the toppings. The dark chocolate was tasty. If you like a crunchy chocolate bar, then this would be a good candy bar for you.

I picked out the next candy bar that was made with milk chocolate, mini marshmallows, shredded coconut, and raw macadamia nuts. This was our ultimate favorite candy bar of the two candy bars we were able to sample! I have always been a fan of macadamia nuts and chocolate so this chocolate bar did not disappoint! It was everything I thought it would be and more! The marshmallows were soft on top of the chocolate adding a yummy taste. I would definitely purchase this chocolate bar again!

I definitely recommend Choccreate to you this Valentine's Day! Visit Choccreate today and start creating your own chocolate bars!


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I recently had the opportunity to review Choccreate chocolates!

I was able to review two chocolate bars!

The first one was milk chocolate, dried strawberries and bananas.
This was amazing! The milk chocolate was so good and the bananas and strawberries were so good!
I was so impressed with the fruit that was in the chocolate bar. I have had dried fruit in chocolate before and it wasn't very good. This almost tasted like fresh fruit!

The second was milk chocolate, mini marshmallows, m &m's and gummi bears!
This chocolate bar was also very good! This was a fun chocolate bar to eat! My favorite part of it was the gummi bears! They taste so good in chocolate!

I was very impressed by the quality of this chocolate! It wasn't like other kinds of milk chocolate it had such a better taste to it. Maybe because it hasn't sat on the shelves of stores for month, and it was made when I put my order in!

Choccreate has so many different flavors you can put on the chocolate bar. They also have three different kinds of chocolate to start your chocolate bar with. Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate (I'm not a fan of White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate gives me migraines!)

To top your chocolate bars they have fruits, nuts, cereal, cheeze-its (yeah, cheeze-its!), decorations, and herbs and spices! There are a TON to choose from! It took me almost a day to pick what I wanted on two chocolate bars!

Not only are they good and have a ton of different things to choose from, but they are very reasonably priced!

I give these a 5 out of 5!!

Head on over and check them out!!