Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'd love to introduce you to Choccreate today! Choccreate is the ultimate chocolate bar creation site that specializes in creating your own chocolate bars with many unique toppings! Choccreate is the perfect place to shop at this Valentine's Day! Your loved ones will be in for a treat when they try this chocolate out!

It is very simple to make your own chocolate bar at Choccreate. You first get to choose which chocolate that you would like. You have 3 chocolate choices which are: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. The chocolate bars are all priced at $3.95 and then you can add toppings onto the chocolate for an additional price. You can choose toppings from cereals, nuts, herbs, spices, and many more toppings. You will also find Gummi Bears and M & M's which are each .75 cents extra to add them onto the chocolate for just one example.

Choccreate has some already customized chocolate that are some best sellers and favorites to choose from or you can create your own chocolate bars from all the selections their are to choose from! You must trust me that it is very hard to choose from the great selection of toppings their are. I had a really hard time to choose which toppings I wanted to add to my chocolate!

Choccreate has super fast shipping that is amazing. They package their chocolate very well in plastic wrapping and put the chocolate inside of a beautiful box that is ready for you to give as a gift. This box is a reusable box that you could use on another occasion. The presentation of the chocolate and box was top notch and amazing!

Choccreate let me choose 2 candy bars to try out! I let Paul pick out a chocolate bar that he'd like. He wanted to be somewhat healthy so he chose the dark chocolate with dried banana chips, granola, raw hazel nuts, and granulated honey. This candy bar was good. It was a crunchy chocolate bar with all the toppings that Paul picked. It was hard to taste the toppings because the dark chocolate seemed to over power the toppings. The dark chocolate was tasty. If you like a crunchy chocolate bar, then this would be a good candy bar for you.

I picked out the next candy bar that was made with milk chocolate, mini marshmallows, shredded coconut, and raw macadamia nuts. This was our ultimate favorite candy bar of the two candy bars we were able to sample! I have always been a fan of macadamia nuts and chocolate so this chocolate bar did not disappoint! It was everything I thought it would be and more! The marshmallows were soft on top of the chocolate adding a yummy taste. I would definitely purchase this chocolate bar again!

I definitely recommend Choccreate to you this Valentine's Day! Visit Choccreate today and start creating your own chocolate bars!

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