Friday, January 14, 2011


Perfect for Valentine’s Day/Choccreate Giveaway & Discount

Chocolate….what more can I say? Chocolate and I have had an understanding for quite some time. I love chocolate; it’s my one weakness when it comes to food. Lately, I’ve been trying to very much limit myself as to how much I eat, so I got my family involved in this review; that way we could share the chocolate and enjoy it over time.

Choccreate Chocolates is a place where you can basically design your own chocolate bars. It’s fun to do, but it’s also perfect for gifts. What do you decorate the chocolate with? Try fruit, nuts & cereals, gourmet items, themed candies, sprinkles, herbs & spices, etc. Choccreate was brought about through childhood memories, rich in a mother’s legacy of preparing chocolates for her children every holiday season. I was excited to create some chocolate of my own, one bar for each person in my family. It was super easy and honestly, kinda fun!

First of all, I had to choose between milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Then I was able to choose different toppings. The toppings are priced differently, so I mixed and matched. Some of the fruits available include bananas, raisins, figs, blackberries, etc. Nuts & cereals include granola, corn flakes, pumpkin seeds, pecan nuts, etc. Gourmet includes things like 23karat gold powder, candied violet flowers, mimosa flowers, etc. Extra ingredients include Cheddar Gold Fish, gummi bears, M&Ms, mini pretzels, brown sugar, etc. Themed decorations include mini hearts, blue/pink feet, red white & blue stars, etc. Herbs & spices include chili powder, cinnamon, granulated honey, etc. Some of the ingredients sounded wonderful, and others seemed questionable, but to each his own, I guess.:)

Here’s a peek at what I created. The kids were so excited, they tore into them before I could even get pics. Don’t worry, I didn’t let them eat them all in one sitting; they’re still working on them, a little bit at a time. First of all, the box they all came in was beautiful, all wrapped up with a bow. The box is definitely reusable; I’ll probably use it to store scrapbook items or crafting supplies.For my husband, Dan, I made a milk chocolate bar with mini pretzels. One of his favorite snacks is chocolate covered pretzels, so this was perfect for him.For my son Jacob, I made a white chocolate bar with mini hearts. He loves white chocolate, and the mini hearts were perfect for Valentine’s Day.For Jaden I made a Smores candy bar with milk chocolate, mini marshmallows and Teddy Grahams. He loves it, and it did turn out so cute!Finally, for myself I made a milk chocolate bar with raisins; one of my favorite snacks when we go to the movies is chocolate covered raisins. Yum!I tried a couple bites, just so I could give my honest opinion (likely excuse, huh?). Each bar is very yummy; I have to say the Smores bar is my favorite so far. The chocolate is not quite as creamy as I would like, but it is very good. The toppings really add to the whole flavor and feel of the bars. It’s a unique gift, perfect for Valentine’s Day or even Easter, both of which are coming up soon. Prices are definitely affordable. My most expensive chocolate bar was $5.15. These would make great “just because” gifts, as well….hint to all the husbands out there. In fact, you can use a special discount for 20% off with the coupon code: heartprints, valid through 2/28/11.

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  1. Love the idea of creating your own chocolate! Plus it's an inexpensive birthday gift :) My hubby's birthday is coming up and he loves chocolate, this is truly a great idea! I am thinking pretzels and chocolate!