Thursday, January 27, 2011


I came across the best site ever!

Combine your favorite ingredients with the chocolate you love to Choccreate your own delicious masterpiece!

Seriously if you don't give them a try you are missing out!

We were able to make two of our own creations, here is what we came up with....

I love white chocolate, and pistachios so it was the perfect combination for me..and I added cranberries to give it a sweet twist.. Wow.. so good!!! The chocolate simply melts in your mouth and the flavor of the added ingredients added a fabulous twist on a chocolate bar unlike one you can just pick up at the store!

The kids chose something a little more to their liking....smooth milk chocolate...and a very colorful selection, perfect for the kid in all of us, yet still some delicious ingredients!  The sunflower Sunbeams were a very unusual and fun ingredient, and of course M&Ms were delicious! A big pair of lips left the kids giggling and added that extra touch to the final chocolate bar. The gummy bears looked a little silly and were a bit tough for the kids to eat, but were still a fun selection. Not sure I would add them again only because of the way they toughen up.

The mold they are made with leaves lines and gives it that usual chocolate bar look, but when cut into pieces they don't hold together so well cutting through the ingredients to share. LOL..but what does that matter, right.. it all tastes the same!  You want a piece..don't you!

The taste was suburb and the selection of ingredients to choose from are amazing. Nuts & cereals, herbs & spices, fruit, gourmet and edible decorations! Some things I would have never imagined adding them to a chocolate bar, definitely looking forward to trying more!

A little about how they got started:
Created in memory of her mother the owner tells us that every Christmas Eve, and sometimes around Easter,her mother would melt & temper her own chocolate. She always added her own favorite ingredients and then would decorate the bars sometimes to match the current season. Her mother passed away in July 2007, she missed the chocolates that she always made, their personal touch and her creative imagination.
She now makes chocolates to recreate those memories like her mother used to for family & friends and started the company to share her love with others of the individually personalized chocolates an uniqueness of it all.

German milk, white, and dark chocolate as a base and choose your own creations & custom ordering where you can select pre-designed bars, or choose one of Zora's favorites!

What a better holiday then Valentine's Day to indulge your sweet tooth and spoil you or the ones you love with some  delicious chocolate! Take a look at their site and order some sweet treats for the big day!

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