Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Milwaukee Mommy Blog REVIEW "Candy Bar" Review

Visit for some yummy and fun chocolate bars! These are a great gift or a fun dessert for a get together-maybe you just want to treat yourself!

So we tried 5 chocolate bars. A couple of them are from the best sellers or Zora's Selections and a couple from just making it ourselves.

MILK CHOCOLATE with Pretzels, Cheez-its (3.5oz)
Zora's Chocolate Crunch (3.5oz)
Bavarian Chocolate (3.5oz)
Candied Almonds and White Chocolate
Choc Mex (3.5oz)

My husband really liked the candies almonds and white chocolate-that is one we "created" ourselves. What you do is pick the chocolate you want then you can add any ingredients that are listed-there are nuts, dried fruits, spices, cereals, gourmet-flowers!, decorations and herbs. I really wish I would have ordered one with flowers-I forgot when I was done ordering-oh well. I guess I will have to place another order at some point! :)

Ann's kiddos like cheese crackers and pretzels so she when with one of those bars-they loved it! Pretzels and chocolate are great together and surprisingly the cheese crackers really go with chocolate too!

I really liked the Choc Mex-it has tortilla chips and crushed red pepper! It was really good! I like how the chocolate and salty chips soothed the spice.

All of the chocolate bars were really good. I would suggest a combination of creating something you know you are going to like and trying something new-after all variety is the spice of life!

You can tell that the ingredients are fresh-there is a crunch to the crunchy ingredients and the chocolate is nice and smooth. I also enjoyed that the bars are ready for sharing-they are "perforated" so they can be broken into pieces.

The chocolate bars are also very affordable-depending on what you choose most bars are under $6.00 which for a gourmet chocolate bar really is not a bad price. They also come packaged very nicely and padded-non of our bars were broken when they arrived!

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